If God is your audience, where is he? In the stands! And if he is in the stands, where is he not? He is not inside of you.

As a sports ministry staff supervisor, I desire to demonstrate both the “gentle and humble” heart of a pastor and the skill of a sports minister.

Back at the hotel that evening, I prayed, “God, give me more opportunities to share…”

In the mid-2000s, I spent two years doing anthropological fieldwork with female Christian athletes in the U.S.

In challenging times, Play Like a Champion listened and responded with love and support. We continue to listen.

There are certain things that everyone who serves as a sports chaplain should embody and believe.

I feel uncertain about sport itself, the present and the future—remember, sport isn’t my original field of expertise.

As I began to experience healing from my pain and shame, I created The Tracy Hanson Initiative to provide safe opportunities for elite athletes to talk about their stories of trauma. I also provide training to those who serve them.

One of my research interests is the role of sport in the lives of marginalized and vulnerable young people: sport in prisons and young offender institutions.

Students are producers of knowledge, not just consumers. Take my Religion and Sport course at Baylor University as an example.