Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

Season 3 mini-series: Fruit of the Spirit–Gentleness

The Fruits of the Spirit and the Deadly Sins in Sport 

The fifth fruit of the spirit we’re discussing is gentleness. There’s much more here than what initially meets the eye. Gentleness, according to Brian and Chad, is an inner confidence that something bigger is going on. It’s a trust in God’s power, manifest in our ability to withstand, endure, and be patient in our interactions with others.

In this episode, Brian and Chad discuss gentleness most specifically in the realm of sport coaching. They offer stories about how they express gentleness in their own coaching, and Chad suggests the model of John Wooden–the NCAA basketball coach with the most national titles of all time–as an archetype for gentleness. What could be better?!

How can we live a more gentle sporting life?

Tune in to the podcast to find out all of this and so much more!