Would Jesus…Powerlift?

Episode 5 in the series: Would Jesus Play…?

Fifth sport: Powerlifting

Brian and Chad each offer three reasons why Jesus might have powerlifted and a few reasons why He might not have.

Podcast Summary

Chad’s #1:  1 Timothy 4:8 says, “for physical training is of some value…” which can be taken literally.

Brian’s #1: Remember Samson? Powerlifting is a showy sport, sometimes used for good ends.

Brian’s #2: Powerlifting is a sport born in the flesh, featuring human embodiment and the value of physical work. Jesus came in the flesh.

Chad’s #2: All physical training–including powerlifting–comes from the core. Jesus always seemed to keep the core as the main thing.

Chad’s #3: The Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) includes heart and soul and might. One’s might is important, and one’s heart is a muscle.

Brian’s #3: Powerlifting is based on one single moment that is centered and includes an integration of one’s faculties.

Why Not?

Chad #1: Powerlifting is a sport among a series of sports and fitness activities that are prone to narcissism.

Chad #2: Powerlifting is a sport that is fractional and symmetrical. Life is not like that.