A New Journal and its Co-Editor

Terry Shoemaker

Let us introduce you to Terry Shoemaker, Assistant Teaching Professor of Religious Studies at Arizona State University. Terry has a vast background in sport and in religious studies.

Haven’t read his research? Check out his ASU bio page here.

The International Journal of Sport and Religion

Terry is co-editing with Eric Bain-Selbo a new journal published by the Catholic University of America Press. The journal’s description is as follows:

The International Journal of Sport and Religion publishes a wide range of studies analyzing the intersections and parallels of sports and religions across the globe. This peer-reviewed bi-annual publication presents contributions working from a wide range of disciplinary approaches that evaluate and document the many connections between sport and religion. The journal welcomes submissions that focus on any interactions and/or similarities between these two significant cultural phenomena, both concrete and abstract.

Check it out here.

Looking for a home for a paper? Look no further. The International Journal of Sport and Religion is ready to accept your submissions.

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A fascinating guy, Terry has a broad range of interests in sport. The most prominent: basketball and, coming soon, pickleball and skateboarding!