Tennis Culture and Faith

Photo courtesy of Casey Ratzlaff

Casey Ratzlaff wasn’t born into the world of tennis, but his family loved sports. He tried them all, competing with his siblings for sports glory. Having spina bifida and participating while using a wheelchair meant that opportunities weren’t as obvious. When he tried wheelchair tennis, he played under the eyes of a former standout in the sport who told him he had a future. So prophetic!

Ratzlaff, the current top ranked player in the US and top 15 player in the world, tells Brian and Chad his story of mentorship and guidance, going from his home in Wichita, Kansas to training at the University of Alabama, Birmingham to tournaments all over the world.

Follow Casey in his quest for Grand Slam titles and more Olympic medals!

Follow Casey Ratzlaff as he competes around the world and at tennis’ Grand Slams. Social media: @caseyratzlaff_.

Photo courtesy of Casey Ratzlaff

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