Father Hockey

Matt Hoven is no stranger to SPORT. FAITH. LIFE. We keep featuring him because he continues to do such great work in the field.

His latest work is a new book chronicling the life and impact of Father David Bauer on hockey in Canada. Father Bauer was a key figure in the organization of Hockey Canada and the Canadian National Team, thus demonstrating the broadening boundaries of Muscular Christianity’s influence into Canada and into Catholicism.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about Matt Hoven’s thoughts on Father Bauer and his influence.

Click here for Matt’s new book, Hockey Priest: Father David Bauer and the Spirit of the Canadian Game. For a 30% discount, use the coupon code “CU24” here. In the US, use “CHOCK!” here.

Click here for a 3 minute video introduction to Hockey Priest.

Check out Matt Hoven’s new book. Coming to bookstores soon!

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