Deadly Sins: Greed

Season 3 mini-series: Deadly Sins–Greed

The Fruits of the Spirit and the Deadly Sins in Sport 

The sixth deadly sin we’re discussing is greed. While this is a concept that we’re all familiar with, there’s more to explore beneath the surface. And the world of sport is no different. What high performer in sport, after all, has gotten to that level without being greedy in some way. At least that’s the way it seems.

Greed is, at its root, an inordinate desire. And in sport, there is greed for material things–team owners want more money, players want more money and more awards, etc.–and there is the desire for more victories or more success. And in sport, one player or team’s victory means that others don’t win. Winning begets a desire to win more.

Is that greed?

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