Would Jesus Play…Pickleball?

Episode 3 in the series: Would Jesus Play…?

Second sport: Pickleball

Brian and Chad each offer three reasons why Jesus might have played pickleball and one reason why He might not have.

Podcast Summary

Chad’s #1:  “Down the middle solves the riddle.” The most effective way to play pickleball–and follow Jesus, is to stick to the middle.

Brian’s #1: The pickleball community is inclusive and generous, just how Jesus would want it.

Brian’s #2: The game is intuitive. It’s a quick ramp for novices to get proficient easily. In that sense, this is a game for all.

Chad’s #2: “The Land Between” has a purpose in pickleball…just as it did for God’s Chosen People as they fled Egypt.

Chad’s #3: Pickleballers do well to use the “dink” shot, a strategy that requires gentleness–a fruit of the spirit.

Brian’s #3: Pickleball includes two unique rules that reform racket sports, showing that we’re trying to get it right. That’s human…and theological.

Why Not?

Chad: A mixed metaphor. In pickleball, you must avoid the net by staying out of the no volley zone. But Jesus said…

Brian: The sport has a bad name. That makes it unappealing to anyone, Jesus included.