Would Jesus Play…Soccer?

New Series: Would Jesus Play…?

First sport: Soccer

Brian and Chad each offer three reasons why Jesus might have played soccer (if it had existed) and one reason why He might not have.

Podcast Summary

Chad’s #1:  In soccer, time counts up. And with stoppage time, you never quite know how much time you have left until the game is over. How theological!

Brian’s #1: In soccer, time continuously flows and action is ongoing. Like life, there are very few built-in stops.

Brian’s #2: Can’t use your hands in soccer. This makes the game harder than it has to be, but doing hard things is good.

Chad’s #2: Jesus would be a goalkeeper. After all, he’s the ultimate saver/savior.

Chad’s #3: In soccer, discipline and fitness help, but what really matters is scoring a goal. In the Christian faith, spiritual disciplines help, but what really matters is the cross.

Brian’s #3: The timing and skill of tackling is the ultimate moment in the game. It’s theological, almost.

Why Not?

Brian: All the diving/flopping is inauthentic. Jesus is an authentic God.

Chad: Substitution rules at the elite levels are far too exclusive. Jesus is a God of second chances.