Deadly Sins: Anger

Season 3 mini-series: Deadly Sins–Anger

A New Podcast Season: We’re starting Season 3 on the SPORT. FAITH. LIFE. podcast. And to kick off this season, we’re sprinkling in a mini-series on the Fruits of the Spirit and the Deadly Sins. We’ll continue featuring the work of others along the way.

The second deadly sin we’re discussing is anger. Anger in sport? Happens all the time.

Listen to the podcast to hear Brian and Chad discuss:

  • Their guilt at feeling angry during sport and, at times, even enjoying it. Yikes!
  • The differences between anger as righteous indignation and anger as sinful.
  • The reasons the Bible tells us to be angry at times.
  • What underlies our anger in sport. In other words, our anger often manifests for certain reasons.

Tune in to the podcast to find out all of this and more!