Deadly Sins: Lust

Season 3 mini-series: Deadly Sins–Lust

The Fruits of the Spirit and the Deadly Sins in Sport 

The fourth deadly sin we’re discussing is lust. What does lust in sport look like?

Brian and Chad refer to their podcast episode discussing ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue. Check it out, Episode 7 of Season 1 in the SFL podcast archive. Wow, that was a long time ago! But the topic remains relevant.

Is lust just those watching sport ogling athletes and having inappropriate sexual thoughts? Sport certainly provides opportunities for doing so. Many sports, after all, include fit athletes in their physical prime wearing uniforms that leave little to the imagination.

Lust in sport might actually include more than sexual lust. Brian and Chad explore what it means to lust for victory and how that helps us better understand the concept.

So what is lust in sport?

Tune in to the podcast to find, and to hear so much more!