Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

Fruits of the Spirit: Peace

A New Podcast Season: We’re starting Season 3 on the SPORT. FAITH. LIFE. podcast. And to kick off this season, we’re sprinkling in a mini-series on the Fruits of the Spirit and the Deadly Sins. We’ll continue featuring the work of others along the way.

The second fruit of the spirit we’re discussing is peace–a characteristic not often emblematic of athletes or sports.

What does peace have to do with sport? Listen to the podcast to find out.

Brian and Chad discuss:

  • Shallow understandings of peace as in the absence of war. What can we learn from the Ancient Olympic games related to peace? A whole lot, actually. Sport and war–or its absence–went hand in hand in ancient Greece. In the modern world? Not so much.
  • Intermediate understandings of peace as in a feeling of calm, tranquility and the absence of anxiety. This is a feeling or a state of mind all athletes strive for at some point in their athletic journeys.
  • A much deeper understanding of peace as in “shalom.” The deeper meaning of this hebrew word has to do with a state of things being well. It’s both a greeting and a farewell, and a statement of hope. What does this have to do with sport? Brian and Chad navigate their way there.

Tune in to the podcast to learn about all of this and more!