Deadly Sins: Sloth

Season 3 mini-series: Deadly Sins–Sloth

The Fruits of the Spirit and the Deadly Sins in Sport 

The third deadly sin we’re discussing is sloth. This deadly sin even has an animal personifying it. But what is sloth? Laziness? Boredom? Apathy? If sloth means anything like slowing down then maybe each of us could use a little sloth in our lives. But that can’t be, right? There’s no way that a deadly sin could be good in our lives–even if we’re feeling overworked and overly busy.

Sloth seems to be the most antithetical deadly sin to sport. In our fast-paced world of sport, nothing could hinder performance more than laziness or idleness or apathy. Indeed, those are traits that will preclude anyone from the upper levels of sport as quick as anything else. Sport rewards the diligent and hardworking, not the slothful.

So how can we combat sloth in our lives?

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