Fundamentals of Sports Ethics

Christianity, Race, and Sport

Sports and Play in Christian Theology

Sport, Psychology and Christianity

Sport and the Christian Religion: A Systematic Review of Literature

Game Day for the Glory of God

Re-Envisioning the Olympic Games: Paul’s use of Athletic Imagery in Philippians

Sports, Ethics and Education

If Christ Came to the Olympics

Playing with God: Religion and Modern Sport

Beyond the Final Whistle: A Life of Football and Faith

Coach Them Well: Fostering Faith and Developing Character in Athletes

Sport in Contemporary Society: An Anthology  

Physical Education, Sports, and Wellness: Looking to God as We Look at Ourselves

With God on Their Side: Sport in the Service of Religion

Sport and Character: Reclaiming the Principles of Sportsmanship

Sport in Society: Issues and Controversies

Sports Outreach: Principles and Practice for Successful Sports Ministry

Sport & St. Paul: A Course for Champions

Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life

The Games People Play: Theology, Religion and Sport

Serving: True Champions Know That Success Takes Surrender

The Holy Trinity of American Sports

Recreation and Sports Ministry: Impacting the Post-Modern Culture


What Counts as Success in Sports (1)

What Counts as Success in Sports (2)

What Counts as Success in Sports (3)

Sport’s Search for Meaning

Sports and Christianity: Mapping the Field

Religion and Sports in America

Seeking Spirituality through Physical Education and Sports

Big-Time Spectator Sports: A Feminist Christian Perspective

The Importance of a Church Youth Club’s Sport Provision to Continued Church Involvement

Is Cage Fighting Ethical for Christians?

The Ethics of Supporting Sports Teams

I Pray for My Opponents Before Fights

Religion in the Life of Kobe Bryant