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030 | Faith & Football

What is it about American football? It draws people in and, love it or hate it, can bring a community together. In this episode Dr. Brian Bolt and Dr. Chad Carlson talk about their own experience with the game – from their own participation to analysis of the daily headlines. They also foreshadow an upcoming […]


029 | The Divine Commission – Work & Play

As believers we are told to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a two-fold task to make the world a better place and to praise and celebrate life. In other words, we are asked to work and play. In this episode we will focus on the play part. Dr. Scott Kretchmar, retired professor at […]


028 | Who is behind your sports news?

We get our sports news in a variety of ways. To get a final score or highlights we quick check social media. For a bit deeper perspective many of us turn on the TV, radio or tune into our favorite podcast. Behind every platform is a person who works long hours to deliver us the […]


027 | Run The Mile You’re In

When Ryan Hall was a kid he hated running. In fact he still doesn’t enjoy it. The irony, Hall is an Olympic athlete and American record holder in the half marathon. At 13-years old he says he felt God was pushing him to run with the best runners in the world. The best part is […]


026 | You Never Know

That last bit of energy, focus, or determination you bring to sport contest may just be what makes the difference in the end, but you never know in the moment. Tim Selgo, the athletic director who built the Grand Valley Lakers into the most prominent NCAA Division II athletic program in the United States, tells […]


025 | World Cup Controversy

All eyes are on the World Cup. When sport is put on an international stage and the world is watching emotions become magnified. There are emotions with winning and losing and with the controversy within. We have seen plenty of controversy watching Team USA (in the recent tournament and with past social and political issues). […]


024 | The Power to Stand with Chris Norton

Chris Norton is known as the college football player who suffered a spinal cord injury during kick-off that nearly took his life. Doctors gave him a 3% chance to move and feel anything below his neck. Now nearly a decade after his injury Norton shares with Dr. Brian Bolt and Dr. Chad Carlson his story […]


023 | A Season for Everything

Life, like sport, has different seasons. In this episode Dr. Bolt and Dr. Carlson look at the rhythms of both life and sport, including the highs and the lows — the joy, intensity, obsession, guilt and much needed rest. All things that must be put in perspective as we check ourselves on identity and priority. […]


022 | March Madness Q&A

March Madness is here! Dr. Chad Carlson knows more about this topic and time of year than anyone. He’s played and coached college basketball. He’s also written a book called “Making March Madness: The Early Years of the NCAA, NIT, and College Basketball Championships, 1922-1951”. So this podcast is a little different; the duo does […]


021 | Righteous Indignation

Is there such a thing as righteous indignation, or justified anger, in sport? Justice and anger are complex topics. God made us to have emotion. And while we are called to be slow to anger, the truth is sport can bring out the worse in us. We quickly realize our zeal for justice is very […]


020 | The Special Olympics Movement

It’s a grassroots movement for the empowerment of people with intellectual disabilities, and it’s growing. Special Olympics has been around for decades. The organization started with sport at its core but is now evolving to include advocacy and unification in a different way. In this episode Tim Hileman, President and CEO of Special Olympics Michigan, […]


019 | What does it mean to be a good, loyal fan?

Many of us play sport, but even more of us watch. Walk into any stadium, arena or sports bar and you’ll find passionate, sometimes crazy looking, people cheering on their team. Enter Dr. John Acquaviva, professor of exercise science at Wingate University. He’s made a vocation out of connecting sport and virtue. His books and […]


018 | The Football Nun

Sister Rita Clare Yoches knows a thing or two about sports. She played Division I basketball at Detroit Mercy and then landed on the Detroit Demolition, a team part of the (now de-funct) national women’s football association. She said she grew up with a belief in God but wasn’t prepared for a sermon that would […]


017 | Why We Care About Sports

Sports fans sometimes wonder, “Why do I care?” In this episode, Dr. Art Remillard, professor of religious studies and author of soon to be released Bodies in Motion: A Religious History of Sports in America, offers an answer. The word “fan” comes from the Latin fanaticus, meaning “possessed by a local deity.” Sport helps define […]


016 | How to Play for the Glory of God

You can talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? In the media we often hear an athlete profess Glory to God. Instantly, we hold them to a higher standard. But what does it really mean to make a faith statement in sport? Brian Smith is author of “The Assist” (book and website) and […]


015 | Is the church too soft?

What does it mean to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength and mind? In this episode we focus on the word “strength” which translates into the physical. Professor Matthew Ruiz from Lipscomb University joins Dr. Brian Bolt and Dr. Chad Carlson to share his perspective on how physical strength and performance can […]


014 | Wisdom from The Rev. Dr. Joanne Sanders, Stanford University

Stanford University is known for its high academic standards, but it also boasts one of the most productive athletic department in the country. Student-athletes at this institution must meet high expectations. In this episode, Dr. Bolt and Dr. Carlson talk with one of the minds on the front lines of support for these student-athletes. The […]


012 | Sport Excellence: A Healthy Diversion

It’s been a while since Dr. Bolt and Dr. Carlson have met to chat. So, in this episode they catch-up and share some current events (some from their own lives) all sharing an underlying theme – the quest for sport excellence. When done right they look at ways that sport can have moments of redemption […]


011 | The Pivotal Role of Sports Ministry

In collegiate and professional sports there are many support roles, people who walk alongside athletes when the camera is off, and life happens. In this episode Dr. Brian Bolt and Dr. Chad Carlson speak with special guest Bill Houston, a sports chaplain who works for Our Daily Bread Ministries and the NBA G League. Houston […]


010 | The Dog Days of Summer (and Sport)

Sport, like life, has seasons. All seasons hit a low, a grind, a monotonous time that athletes and coaches must push through. We specifically feel it now in the summer. However, when we chose to play sport we are fully aware that we are entering a two-sided agreement: we will have highs and lows, we […]


009 | Realistic Expectations of Youth Sports

The rise of youth sports in today’s culture is a complex topic. Organized sports provides a different sort of opportunity for young kids. It also comes with a price tag—literal and figurative. In this episode Dr. Brian Bolt and Dr. Chad Carlson focus in on one specific question from a listener regarding expectations of practice […]


008 | Vice & Virtue in Sport: Why do we really play?

There are many outcomes of sport. Does sport build character? Reveal it? Should we evaluate actions by athletes differently in a sport environment than in our walk around world? Dr. Brian Bolt and Dr. Chad Carlson reflect on these things while discussing the rescue of the youth soccer team in Thailand and the World Cup. […]


007 | Celebrating ESPN’s 2018 Body Issue

A photo of a naked body can make us marvel yet feel uncomfortable at the same time. This week is the 10-year anniversary of the Body Issue, an edition of ESPN The Magazine that features top athletes in nude photographs. It’s often compared to the Sports Illustrated annual Swimsuit Issue, and frankly because of that […]


006 | Christian Perspectives in Sport

Listen to the PhDs play a little philosophical game of tackling different perspectives in sport, perspectives that claim Christianity as its vehicle to approach the game. It’s a big topic, but an important one as we look at our motives of connecting sport and faith in our everyday lives. Dr. Brian Bolt puts Dr. Chad […]